We had Meet the Teacher evening last night- planned from 3 to 4:20. It was a general assembly for 20 minutes and then 2 half hour sessions in the classrooms. Does it surprise you that some parents came at 4:30, even 5 pm? Burundi time, of course.

Principal Claudine did a great job .. in English.. introducing staff and telling about BES. She asked me to say a few words about the program moving from Alberta to Pearson. I had just researched the PISA results from 2017: Canada is no 3 in reading, no 5 in science, and  no 9 in math. Parents actually clapped!! It seems they have confidence in the programs.

We’ve had a mammoth task first receiving the container, unloading it and then distributing everything to classrooms, storerooms, and then we put many things into that beautifully painted 2015 container, for the newschool. The 3 of us kept 5 fellows very busy.

Ann was setting up the little science room when she discovered the treasures- 3 telescopes, microscopes, solar cars,electronic kits for all the students, and many many chemistry materials. Well done, Eugene!!

The parents were ecstatic! They took so many pictures and are now talking about need for labs to house everything in the new school.

There were quite a group of Grade 10 parents. They are very pleased to know that their children are well into the Pearson International Education system.

And.. the trucks keep coming. Anselme ordered 500 truckloads of sand to build up the ground level for the new BES.

It seems this school may very well succeed. As usual, the people of Burundi have come through with a little help from their friends….. in Canada .

News from Carol in Bujumbura

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