Friendship Force Initiative Helps Transform Children’s Lives in Burundi

     If it wasn’t for a Friendship Force exchange between Edmonton, Canada and Bujumbura, Burundi, the Burundi English School would not exist.
It all started in 2006 when a group of people in Bujumbura established a Friendship Force Club (FFC). The Edmonton FFC responded to a world-wide call from Friendship Force International and 22 participants enjoyed a wonderful exchange in Burundi. Bujumbura’s FFC President asked the Edmonton FFC President for help setting up an English school in Bujumbura.
From this connection, the Bujumbura Friendship Force English School, now called the Burundi English School, was born. In 2008, three FFC members from Edmonton traveled to Burundi, set up classrooms, recruited Burundian teachers, and developed programs for Kindergarten and Grade One. Since then, the school has grown from 13 to 200 students ranging in ages from Kindergarten to Grade 11.

Bujumbura Friendship Force English School- September, 2008

The Tanbur African Aid Society has recruited over 40 teacher mentors, and provided curriculum, computers, and furniture for the school. Now it aims to help construct a new school with adequately sized classrooms and facilities for Science, Technology, and a Library.