The children in Burundi need your help!

By offering a high quality English program, TAAS and all of its contributors are transforming lives through education. Our commitment over the past 10 years has included volunteer mentors, teaching resources and school equipment and we are now at the stage where we need a facility large enough to house our burgeoning population. Land has been donated and plans have been drawn, and the foundation has been laid.

$175,000 USD  is required to complete the foundation and build the first floor. Once that is done the Bank of Burundi will provide a loan to the school to complete the construction.

Can I donate funds to build one classroom?

15 000 USD  will build a classroom for the Burundi English School. Plaques bearing the name of donors who make this generous donation will be displayed in classrooms in the school.

Land for BES Land near Lake Tanganyika has already been purchased

for the building of the new Burundi English School

View the Burundi English School floor plan here: Updated BES floor plan