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The Tanbur African Aid Society or TAAS is comprised of a group of Canadian educators, primarily from the Edmonton, Alberta region who care deeply about the education of children in the underdeveloped and impoverished African countries of Burundi and Tanzania.


10th Anniversary Fundraising Event! Help TAAS celebrate 10 years of transforming lives through education and attend the 10th Anniversary Fundraising Dinner and Dance on Saturday, September 29, 2018. Tickets just $25 for adults and $12 for children aged 6-12. For

Our Partners

TAAS is fully blessed by the support of individuals and organizations who have made contributions: both great and small, to further the work currently being done in Burundi and, in the future, in Tanzania. Together, we transform lives through education.

Burundi English School

Our current project, the Burundi English School (BES) http://burundienglishschool.org/ located in Burundi’s capital, Bujumbura, is operated by a school board of committed local citizens and is partnered with TAAS. It was conceived as an alternative to the few, very expensive, English


There are many ways to get involved in our work: make a financial or material donation, serve on the TAAS Board, work a casino, attend a fundraising event, travel to Africa as a mentor teacher: the choice is up to

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get to Burundi? A. There are several options depending on the airline and the day you would like to travel. Q. What are the physical facilities where we would be working? A. At present, our projects

Recent Posts

  • English Summer School Underway

    English Summer School Underway

    Exciting news! Enrollment at English Summer School 46 and growing! What a time to be teaching English through sports, with the World Cup going on…. and most announcements, as well …Read More »
  • New volunteers have arrived

    New volunteers have arrived

    Three volunteers began working at Burundi English School last week. Terrie is overseeing the Language Arts program for grades 1-6. She will spend time especially with new teachers in grades …Read More »
  • News from Carol in Bujumbura

    News from Carol in Bujumbura

    We had Meet the Teacher evening last night- planned from 3 to 4:20. It was a general assembly for 20 minutes and then 2 half hour sessions in the classrooms. …Read More »


The contribution to Burundi English School as well as its foundation is immeasurable! We wish we could always have at least one Canadian teacher with us at all times.

Madame Ladhia

In addition to helping me with my year plan in language arts and math, my mentor came to school on Saturdays to help me with my social studies and science programs.

Monsier David

She always encouraged me and strengthened my teaching skills and caring for small children. She continues to help me through her e-mail messages. It was a joy to know her and work with her. She has been a wonderful leader and I miss her.

Madame Claudia

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