Help us build Burundi English School

Our Current Project

By 2017, Burundi English School's population grew to over 200 students in Kindergarten to Grade 12 inadequately housed in two leased facilities. BES needed its own home. A design and location for a new school was undertaken. 

With the approval of the Burundi Government, construction began in the fall of 2018 with $60 000 USD raised by TAAS and other donors. When this money was exhausted, construction came to a halt. But it could continue, classroom by classroom should additional funds become available.

The cost to build the school is expected to be $550 000 USD. The BES School Board and the Tanbur African Aid Society is asking for help to complete this project.  

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Our Fundraising Partners

Many individuals, teachers, and schools in the Edmonton area have contributed to the education of children at Burundi English School. 


Tuition Support


This long-term commitment (up to 13 years) provides the tuition fees for deserving children to attend BES.



What is a school without books? Fiction and non-fiction library books, teacher manuals and student texts - have all been donated, packaged and shipped to BES.

Friendship Force International created the first English Language Library in Burundi.



Schools have also contributed student and teacher desks, bookcases, chairs, and blackboards that would have otherwise ended up in landfills.

Science Supplies


Fundraising has also provided money to purchase the latest in science instruments such as the telescope pictured here, microscopes, magnets, electrical parts, motors, rocks and minerals, beakers, pipettes, etc.



Computers, Smartboards, and laptops have found their way to Burundi in the shipping containers sent by TAAS. 

School Fundraising


TAAS is truly thankful for the fundraising efforts of schools to raise much needed funds for bursaries, supplies, and building Burundi English School.